At Abington Homes, our goal is to make your experience with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We understand that the building process can seem daunting, but through creative collaboration and regular communication, we will expertly guide you each step of the way as we turn your vision into a reality.

From planning to execution to the exciting possession date, Abington can be responsible for as much or as little of the process as you wish. From comprehensive land consulting and review, to trade scheduling, materials selections and post possession warranty management, our dedicated personnel relieves you of the thousands of building details so you have more time to enjoy the experience.

We build custom homes, which means the experience and overall process will be tailored to each client, however, there is a general order of key step-by-step events that we follow with each project we undertake.

  1. First Meeting: The first step is to meet and get to know one another. In this session, we’ll tell you more about us, how we work and what you can expect when you work with Abington Homes. We will also want to learn a bit about you and what you’re looking for in a custom home. The goal of our professional design specialists is to understand you, your family and your lifestyle. By defining some of these things early on, we can better understand your style, your tastes and your detailed needs and desires in a custom home.
  2. Vision: If you liked what you saw and heard in our first meeting together, we will then set up a second meeting where we will begin to work through the design of your home. You can expect this meeting to last two to three hours. You can bring floor plans, napkin sketches, magazine clippings and anything else you’ve collected over the months or years as you’ve begun to dream up your perfect home. Whether you have a vague idea a fully-detailed description, or something in between, this initial step is all about gaining a clear understanding of your design and architectural expectations.
  3. Design: We will then combine what we learned from you with our professional design expertise to create a preliminary design or floor plan that we feel incorporates your unique needs and requirements in a home that’s perfectly customized to you. You will be presented with a thoughtfully documented design brief. From here, you can make revisions until we have it just right. This is where you first see your custom home beginning to take shape.
  4. Construction Drawings: Our draftsman will develop a working drawing of your new home for your review and approval. (Note: A charge will be applied at this stage for a draftsman to develop the construction drawings.)
  5. Specifications: We will make you aware of all of the exciting finishings and materials available to you and assist you in making decisions and choices based on your unique style, budget, etc. From the ground up, room-by-room, your home will be created with your needs specifically in mind.
  6. Tender: We will send your design out to our suppliers to collect the most accurate costing possible on the specifications discussed for your home.
  7. Agreement: Once you are perfectly satisfied with your design and quote, we will sign an agreement that formalizes an official working relationship together. A contract will be signed and financing options will be discussed. Up to this point, there will have been no cost to you. You only sign a contract when you are pleased with the design.
  8. Construction: Now the actual construction of your home begins. Though a number of different factors will ultimately determine the length of your construction process, including size and complexity of home, trade availability and site conditions, we will provide you with an approximate completion date for your home.
  9. Walk-throughs: We schedule walk-throughs with our clients at the “Framing Stage, Electrical Stage and Finishings Stage, however you are welcome to schedule as many additional walk-throughs and site visits as you wish to ensure your comfort throughout the process.
  10. Pre-Possession & Orientation: This step takes place when the construction is nearly complete. This is your opportunity to ensure we have delivered your home just as we promised, down to the last detail.
  11. Possession: You’re now ready to take possession of your new home. We will meet with you to ensure everything is in order and then proudly turn over the keys to your new home.